Bali teenager Tyas Latra and I. Tyas is my friend and together we built a library in her village Bungaya, Bali.

Local Community Work

I love being involved in different community projects and give my time and energy with passion. If everyone Australia wide gave just 1 or 2 hours a week to help build better communities, imagine the amazing things we could create and do together. 

 If you would like me to visit your kindergarten, school, library or book shop, I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me through my Manager Cherrell Picton and I will respond within 48 hours.

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Phone 04777 32 995


I love visiting kindy’s and when there I read a short fairy story with the children, then make a fairy house with them.

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Encouraging little kids to read and write is something I am passionate about especially as I struggled in these areas when younger. And helping children to grow their skills and creativity is fun.

The fairy house the children make with me is left with the kindy.


I am available to visit schools to talk about my journey in becoming a young published author and encourage other students with their own writing.

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This could be a stand alone presentation or part of Book Week.

There is also the option for the school to offer a fairy house class at the end of the school day for children who would like to stay back and participate in this.


If a library would like to run a fairy house class, I would love to hear from you. I have run many fairy house classes at libraries and parents enjoy them as much as their children.

Book Shops

Please let me know if you would like me to do a book signing at your book shop.

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I always combine this with making a fairy house to one of the designs in my book, getting any children there to make this with me. I leave the fairy house with the book shop.

International Projects

I am so lucky to have had an opportunity to use my fairy houses to change lives and in 2 years living in Bali I was involved in many projects that I would love to share with you.

Helping An 80 Year Old Dokar Driver Feed His Horse

Helping An 80 Year Old Dokar Driver Feed His Horse

Sam's Dokar Story

Read full story here.

Made and Darma

Made was 9 when he had to leave school to look after his father who had fallen out of a jackfruit tree and was paralysed Read more - Sanur Weekly Made newspaper 

Room Darma had spent 2 years in bed in where he Made livedThe room Darma had spent 2 years in bed in & where he & Made lived

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Made at 12 years of ageMade at 12 years of age 

1st time Darma had sat on a motorbike since his accident 3 years ago

This is the motor bike & side car I fund raised for using my fairy houses. It was converted for a paraplegic to ride and this photo is the 1st time Darma had sat on a motorbike since his accident 3 years ago. The bike enabled Darma to take Made to school and to have his life back. He can go to the village, to the market, to the temple and he has even started a small business selling offerings at the market. He can be a father to Made again.

Bungaya Library Bali

When the Indonesian Government mandated that children must read for at least 20 minutes a day because of the poor reading skills of Indonesian children, Tyas and I talked about building a library in her village Bungaya so children could get access to books. Our original plan was to raise $5000 to build a basic concrete room. Then I heard about a group of architects in the USA who did humanitarian design work.

4 year old Arina building the bathroom
A well earned drink
It was all hard manual labour
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I contacted journeyman International to ask if they would design our library. Initially they said no as we couldn’t answer any of their questions, such as, what was our budget (we didn’t have 1 at the time) and how big was the library to be (we had no idea). But one of their young female architects Nicole Thompson liked out story and said she would work with us. So Nicole designed a beautiful library for us (link to library plans SAKTI LIBRARY CENTRE) and we now had to raise $20,000.

This is the story of how our project started.

Our library was supported by the Australian Government, schools both on the Sunshine Coast and in Bali and the amazing Sunshine Coast Rotaract Club. They raised $5000 for us in just 4 weeks and I thought at the time, “I’d love to learn their fund raising skills”. I raised about 1/3 of the money through my fairy houses, with my biggest event being a Fairy House Festival. It was a beautiful morning and a lot of families enjoyed their few hours together, outdoors, making fairy houses.

By April 2017 we had raised almost $20,000 and so I went to Bali to help construct the library. That was an adventure in itself.

Read more about the pdfLibrary Construction.

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